How to Get the Most of Your Experience at a Strip Club in the Valley

How to Get the Most of Your Experience at a Strip Club in the Valley

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Fortitude Valley is known for having some of the best titty bars in Brisbane, Queensland today. So, if you are planning to visit the region with your buddies, you should not pass up the opportunity to hang out at such places. Now, to make sure you get the most out of your experience of going to strip clubs in the Valley, here are some smart tips to keep in mind:

  1. Follow the rules.

Take note that every strip club has its own set of guidelines. Even if you already have some previous experience of going to these establishments, keep in mind that the one you are going to visit in the Valley would be different. This is why you should do some research about its rules first and make sure to abide by them when you arrive.

  1. Bring only cash.

Strippers in the Fortitude Valley are some of the most beautiful that you can find in Queensland. For this reason, it can be easy to forget about your financial limits and blow money on them. Now, to avoid breaking the bank, only bring cash with you. Leave your credit cards at home, or you will regret it the next day.

  1. Make friends with the host.

Especially when you are new to strip clubs in the Valley, you might want to befriend their hosts. By doing so, you will have a better chance of spending time with the lovely women you are interested in. Also, this gesture will make it easy for you to get one of the best seats in the house.

  1. Tip the stage.

When you and your pals love to watch the show up close (near the stage), it is best to tip the dancers at least a few bucks. This will ensure that you will get a constant flow of girls to your table. After all, the dancers would like to stop by and say “thanks” for your generosity.

A common practise is to tip more if you sit in the front row and a little less as you go further down the row of seats. Zero tip, however, is a major no-no.

  1. Do not touch!

When the rule says “No touching”, then you better keep your hands to yourself. Make no mistake—the bouncers will not hesitate to throw you out in case you break such a rule.

Going to any of the strip clubs in the Valley should be an enjoyable experience with your pals. To make sure you will not feel disappointed when the night is over, observe some simple rules and follow the smart tips listed above. Sure enough, you will have a memorable time hanging out at these places.

Important Things to Expect When Hanging Out at a Strip Club

Important Things to Expect When Hanging Out at a Strip Club

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Like going to any other gentlemen’s club, hanging out in one of the strip clubs Fortitude Valley has requires you to observe some manly practice. There are things that you should know before you walk into that dim space. To avoid any problem and ensure a satisfying experience inside a club, there are important things that you should expect.

  • Strippers want respect.

Of course, you would look at strippers doing their thing on stage as objects of desire. While these women understand that men visit their club for fantasy, you should remember that they are human beings, too, who deserve some respect. Be a gentleman and treat every stripper who sits and spends time with you with esteem. Speak to her in a manner that a woman would like and, most probably, you will be treated with kindness in return.

  • Drinks are typically expensive.

Do not be surprised when you are asked to pay for more on your drinks in strip clubs Fortitude Valley has, most especially on the cocktail you would offer to buy for a stripper. As you can see, a club might charge more for a stripper’s drink because she is supposed to get a cut from each drink that you buy for her. The extra price also covers the privilege of spending time with her.

  • Valuable time requires some tip.

Remember that strippers are there to make a living. While it might be flattering when one of these women sits and flirts with you, one reason that she is doing it is to make money. So, do not forget to tip her for the wonderful time she will give you. Even if you do not request for a lap dance, it is still proper to tip.

  • Strippers will not always go out with you.

While it is portrayed in many films, not all strippers will have sex with you for money or even go out with you. Not only is it against the rules, but a club will risk it’s licence if it mixes stripping with prostitution. To avoid disappointment, always remember that stripping is not prostitution. Don’t even try to force the issue or you will be kicked out of a club.

While there are many rules to observe when spending some time in strip clubs Fortitude Valley has these days, you should keep a positive mindset about it. Of course, you do not have to take them too seriously, but you should not get too careless either. By keeping the above-mentioned expectations in mind, you are surely in for a good time. Have fun!

5 Best Ideas for a Surprise Bucks Party

5 Best Ideas for a Surprise Bucks Party

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The biggest day of your mate’s life is about to come. You can’t just let it happen without even giving him a stag party that he can smile about when he looks back to it. Check out several bucks party ideas that will surely be enjoyed by your dear groom and the rest of your buddies.

Club Hopping

They say a bachelor’s party is the “last free night” of a man. What better way to celebrate this than by taking the groom on a night out for club hopping? Try out VIP programs in popular strip clubs around you where you guys could drink and watch girls dancing sensually. Move from club to club and have the time of your life during this special day. This is one of the most common bucks party ideas that people do.

Strategy Games

A good game of paintball and Go Kart sounds fun for a bachelor’s weekend. You can tag teams with the groom and the rest of your friends. See who wins and see who loses. Let your groom unwind as a single carefree man. It’s fun to go out when you don’t have some lifelong commitment that’s tying you down. Other than strategy games, you can also do wall climbing, hunting, fishing, and sailing.

Wine Tasting

Take your buddy to a vineyard and taste the classiest and tastiest wines you’ve ever had. Why stop at a glass of Merlot, when you can have a Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Pinot Noir, and more? Not all bucks parties ideas have to be very wild and crazy. Sometimes, enjoying the fancy things in life are favourable too.

Food Night Out

When drinking is off the table, why not go for food tasting instead? You can keep it simple with must-eat street food in the city or keep it classy with fine dining at a posh restaurant. Let your man enjoy the taste of different dishes as a way of celebrating his upcoming marriage.

Casino Games

See if your buddy is lucky for the night by taking him to a casino. Let him sit through a game of poker or blackjack or let the wheel of a Roulette dictate his fate for the night.

An alternative to this is having a game night of your own. Stay in one of your mates’ place with cold beer or whiskey on the rocks, smoke cigar, and play cards all night. Not only is this a money-saving idea, but an exciting one as well.

A buck’s night only becomes memorable when you make moments that is worth remembering. Give your buddy a good time with some of the ideas listed above.