5 Best Ideas for a Surprise Bucks Party

The biggest day of your mate’s life is about to come. You can’t just let it happen without even giving him a stag party that he can smile about when he looks back to it. Check out several bucks party ideas that will surely be enjoyed by your dear groom and the rest of your buddies.

Club Hopping

They say a bachelor’s party is the “last free night” of a man. What better way to celebrate this than by taking the groom on a night out for club hopping? Try out VIP programs in popular strip clubs around you where you guys could drink and watch girls dancing sensually. Move from club to club and have the time of your life during this special day. This is one of the most common bucks party ideas that people do.

Strategy Games

A good game of paintball and Go Kart sounds fun for a bachelor’s weekend. You can tag teams with the groom and the rest of your friends. See who wins and see who loses. Let your groom unwind as a single carefree man. It’s fun to go out when you don’t have some lifelong commitment that’s tying you down. Other than strategy games, you can also do wall climbing, hunting, fishing, and sailing.

Wine Tasting

Take your buddy to a vineyard and taste the classiest and tastiest wines you’ve ever had. Why stop at a glass of Merlot, when you can have a Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Pinot Noir, and more? Not all bucks parties ideas have to be very wild and crazy. Sometimes, enjoying the fancy things in life are favourable too.

Food Night Out

When drinking is off the table, why not go for food tasting instead? You can keep it simple with must-eat street food in the city or keep it classy with fine dining at a posh restaurant. Let your man enjoy the taste of different dishes as a way of celebrating his upcoming marriage.

Casino Games

See if your buddy is lucky for the night by taking him to a casino. Let him sit through a game of poker or blackjack or let the wheel of a Roulette dictate his fate for the night.

An alternative to this is having a game night of your own. Stay in one of your mates’ place with cold beer or whiskey on the rocks, smoke cigar, and play cards all night. Not only is this a money-saving idea, but an exciting one as well.

A buck’s night only becomes memorable when you make moments that is worth remembering. Give your buddy a good time with some of the ideas listed above.

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